Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Perfect Nails for the Wedding Day

If you’re one of millions women that trek endlessly to the nail salon for weekly or bi-weekly maintenance on your nails, whether it be fill-ins or manicures, there’s a system that might interest you and it’s called Calgel.

Calgel is a gel nail system that promotes nail health. No more lifting, peeling, chipping or damage your nails, No more harsh acrylics or drills! Calgel actually strengthens your nail bed. It can be used on tips or as a natural overlay on your own nails. It even soaks off in just 15 minutes! Available in over 100 semi-permanent nail colors.

Calgel requires minimal buffing of the nail plate prior to applying the gel coating or sculpture treatment. No smelly primers are needed. Since moisture is not trapped between the gel layer and the natural nail, there is less chance of the application pealing off. With fewer visits required to the nail salon for touch ups and other treatments. About every 3-5 weeks. If you’re pinching pennies, this is very economical for the customer.

The difference between Calgel and other products is that the nail is flexible. The coating is thin and natural looking
thus achieving the goal of a more natural looking nail.

For more information about other Calgel products click here

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