Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bride Mojuba

Finally, someone has thought of putting a collection of moment-savings items for the bride!  Mojuba Bride is an elegant and sophisticated bag with a built-in mirror that is versatile and easy to throw over a shoulder or carry on the arm.

Mojuba Bride emergency kits have become wedding day essentials by helping to turn these unexpected, unplanned moments into simple moments that pass without worry or concern. Mojuba Bride also makes a perfect travel bag for beauty items and accessories post-wedding. Retail price: $165.00

What's in the bag?

Kiss My Boo Boo band-aids

Madame Paulette™ couture stain removal kit
L’Occitane® luxurious hand cream
BugCatcherz® fashion tape to keep your clothes in place
Ms. Manicure® nail files
Nail polish remover
Soft rice paper to powder your beautiful face
Charles Worthington® hairspray
Bobby pins
Sniff® tissues to dry your joyful tears
Gentle eye drops
Makeup remover
Little i® breath fresheners for close encounters
Colgate® toothpaste and a toothbrush
Scope® mouthwash
Mojuba™ Kodak® camera to capture spontaneous moments
Mojuba™ pen and notepad for your thoughts
Clear straws to sip champagne without smudging your lipstick
Clear lip gloss
Advil® for splitting headache relief
Gilchrist and Soames® sewing kit with pre-threaded needles
La Fresh® hand sanitizer
Dancin’ Feet® cushions for your dancing feet
Pepcid Complete® to quiet your butterflies
Keep-your-cool with Dove® deodorant
Nail polish for touch-ups and to stop stocking runs
Static Guard®
Scissors to snip unruly threads
Krazy Glue®
Lint sheets
Stuff just for chicks

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